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18 Creative Storage Ideas That Maximize Space

APRIL 17, 2015  —  By Spencer Montgomery

1. Build Up

Use ceiling height to your advantage and build upwards with shelves.

2. Go Even Higher

Use ceiling space for light things that you don't need access to every day. Four anchors and bungee cord or wire will get wrapping paper out of the way but leave it accessable.

3. Under The Stairs

Don't just cover this precious space. Turn it into useful drawers, a functional closet or even a small desk space.

4. Make Drawers

Turn the risers of each step into drawers for things you don't need access to every day such as seasonal clothing.

5. Create Landry Space

6. Save Floor Space

Instead of having a table to fold laundry, build a retractable

7. Save Counter Space

Get the knife block off the table and install a pull-out block underneath a top cabinet.

8. Stack Vertically

Instead of having to pull all of the pots and pans out to get the one you want, stack them with dividers for simpler storage.

9. Use The Doors

Cabinet doors can house things you need easy access to. Use a spice rack for your seasonings or get another one and use it for wine glasses.

10. Use All Sides

This spinning storage stack will keep all your items neatly together and includes a mirror and message board to save space.

11. Ditch The Desk

This coffee table on casters has two layers of storage and rises up to become a desk.

12. Fold Down Tables

If you do need a table in another room, consider having one that folds down. When not in use, this one becomes a note board.

13. Mirror Mirror On The Wall

Create more counter space by storing things like medications and toothpaste behind the mirror.

14. Create Mini Shelves

For things you use every day, add small shelves to make these items easily accessible.

15. Bookshelf Island

Keep your cookbooks and other kitchen tools on an island end to maximize its usefulness.

16. Wall Pockets

Keep things like utensils or office supplies in easy reach.

17. Remove Doors

By removing any non-essential doors, you can maximize the use of floor space around the frames more effectively.

18. Hide Your Bed

This contraption allows you to have a bookshelf display that spins around to reveal a Murphy bed without having to remove anything from the shelves. You can even add a fold down table to really maximize its usefulness.