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19 Ways To Reuse Your Kitchen Trash

MARCH 26, 2015  —  By Spencer Montgomery

1. Watermelon rinds.

The rinds can be pickled and eaten or used to help clear up acne.

2. Celery and lettuce stumps.

By placing the bottom of celery or lettuce in water, you can regrow an entirely new one! Free eats.

3. Apple cores.

The peels and cores of apples can be used in all sorts of recipes. Try making jelly or apple cider vinegar.

4. Meat bones.

Save and leave in a slow cooker overnight. You will be left with the perfect homemade broth with a bunch of nutrients.

5. Carrot tops.

You guessed it, yet another vegetable that can be regrown from the stump. They can also be saved to use in stews or to make homemade pesto.

6. Pineapple tops.

You can replant the top of a pineapple and it will grow an entirely new pineapple.

7. Milk jug.

Use a milk jug as a watering can. Simply poke holes in the lid, fill with water and pour away.

8. Banana peels.

Use banana peels in the garden to fertilize with or to keep annoying pests away. Additionally, the peel can be used on your skin to relieve bug bites and rashes.

9. Potatoes that have begun to sprout.

Don't throw out potatoes that have begun to sprout. Instead, replant them in soil or water to grow a new potato!

10. Parmesan cheese container.

The perfect compartment to store products you sprinkle, like flour or icing sugar.

11. Egg shells.

Egg shells carry a good amount of calcium. Grind them up and add them to gardening soil, pet food or coffee.

12. Coffee grounds.

Coffee grounds have multiple purposes: keep them in the fridge to reduce odors, add them to your fireplace to reduce flyaway dust, or add them to beauty products to enrich your hair or exfoliate your skin.

13. Butter wrappers.

There is still enough butter left on the wrapper to grease a pan with, perfect for baking time.

14. Apple peels.

The peel of an apple can be used to make teas when dried, and it reduces dark under eye circles while fresh.

15. Broccoli stalks and leaves.

Don't throw out the stalks and leaves of broccoli, instead eat them! The leaves can be cooked and eaten similar to cabbage and the stock can be steamed and eaten or added to a salad or soup.

16. Egg cartons.

Egg cartons can be used for so many DIY projects, kids crafts and storage you won't know what to do with yourself! Here is an entire list of egg carton ideas.

17. Bacon grease.

Save bacon grease in a can and chill it. You can then use it to feed birds or to cook with!

18. Onion and garlic skins.

The skins of garlic and onions hold more nutrients than the actual vegetable, and you can save them to use in soup stock.

19. Wine corks.

Corks can be used in all sorts of crafts and home DIYs. You can also use them to start sprouts out in planters.