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These Pictures Sum Up The Struggle

APRIL 16, 2015  —  By Spencer Montgomery

1. On maintaining a healthy sleep schedule:

When did it change from 1AM to 4AM?!

2. On efforts to maintain good hygiene:

Every goddamn time.

3. On the sting of rejection:

I'll be crying in the bathroom if you need me.

4. On how school prepared you for life:

LOL, as if.

5. On interactions with paparazzi:

Get my good side!

6. On your ability to make decisions like an adult:

Maybe if you had any patience...

7. On lowering your relationship expectations:

I have traded my dreams of marriage for those of having twenty cats.

8. On your general motivation:

It's fine; I'm just along for the ride.

9. On meeting up with friends:


10. On halfhearted attempts at sexting:

Close enough.

11. On striking out with the fairer sex:

Protip: message one at a time.

12. On failed social interactions:

At least turn your read receipts off. PLZ.

13. On people with good intentions:

Yes, your affirmations have TOTALLY fixed the problem.

14. On your mental health situation:

It's sad how relevant this is.

15. On having patience with people:

That's actually an excellent question.

16. On getting out of bed in the morning:

Yeah, NOPE.