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17 Bizarre Photos Nightmares Are Made Of

APRIL 14, 2015  —  By Spencer Montgomery

1. This girl who just wants her damn movie.

2. The real Annabelle doll.

3. This creepy af Halloween costume.

4. This uninvited visitor caught on camera.

Dear god, so scary. Analyses have found that it's not Photoshopped. It's basically the beginning of a slasher film.

5. This little boy caught wandering the farm.

It appears to be a young boy wandering in white sleeping clothes. This was taken by Neil Sandbach when he was hired to photograph the farm. Apparently it's not the first time the little boy has been spotted.

6. The eerie face in the passenger's seat.

This was taken by a man named Roy in Chico, California. He says there was nobody in the truck, and it's not the sliding window either. Check out the close-up here.

7. This ghostly white woman.

This photo was taken in Worstead Church in 1975 by the woman in the first pew's husband. They swear there was nobody behind her, and when they asked the priest about it, he told them there was a white woman who had been haunting the church for the past 150 years.

8. The victims of the Jonestown Massacre.

The infamous "Kool-Aid Cult," founded by Jim Jones. The massacre resulted in 918 victims, although only 912 died from drinking the poison.

9. Footprints in an abandoned nuclear reactor. 

Footprints in an abandoned nuclear reactor. 

10. The bedroom of a murder victim in the Bronx.

The bedroom of a murder victim in the Bronx.

11. This woman who was confined to one room for 24 years by her mother.

Read more about this horrifying story here.

12. This photo of a recently deceased woman.

This photo of a recently deceased woman.

13. The ghost from The Amityville Horror haunting.

What's so creepy about this is that it was taken by a camera set up on the landing that would take photos through the night automatically, and there are no other photos of the young boy on the film.

14. This person committing suicide. 

This person committing suicide. 

15. This little girl who grew up in a concentration camp drawing "home."

16. This body falling from the ceiling as the picture snapped.

There's debate as to whether or not this is real. Some believe that it's due to reusing film (a common practice in this era) and having two photos overlap, but others believe that it's a genuine photo. Either way, it's really freaky.

17. The unexpected visitor.

This photo was taken in the 1990s in Boothill Cemetary. The outfit was intentional, but the little boy in the background was not.