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19 Netflix Tips To Get The Most From Your Subscription

APRIL 7, 2015  —  By Spencer Montgomery

1. Time is up.

Not all shows are on Netflix to stay. Due to licensing terms and contracts some shows and movies will be available to users for a limited time only. To check the expiration date simply go to your "my list" and change the appearance to manual. The media will then be displayed as a list and any shows with an impending expiration date will have it listed. Additionally, various sites have the expiration dates listed for you. Check out WhatsOnNetflixNow and NetflixUSAExpiring.

2. What's new?

Want to know what new shows and movies will be gracing the Netflix screens next? Netflix wants you to know too! By liking Netflix on Facebook or using websites, What' or, you can find out if your favorite TV show will be available next.

3. What do your peers think?

Need a good movie to cozy up to on Friday night with no idea on what to watch? Check out the subreddit,r/NetflixBestOf and see what other people think you should be watching. Great reviews from real people and some hidden gems you may have avoided otherwise.

4. Buffer be gone.

If you're using Netflix on your computer you have probably run into buffering. Insert eye rolls. It is super frustrating to be watching a movie and BAM, buffering. Want a quick, easy way around this? Try hitting keys Shift + Option + click, for Mac users and Shift + Alt + left mouse click for PC users. A window should appear labelled Stream Manager, from there you are able to select the buffering rate you prefer.

5. The itch of the gamble.

Sick of browsing movies and shows to no avail? Wouldn't it be easier to just have someone pick for you? Use Netflix Roulette and your cries will be answered.

6. Know your tastes.

Trying to narrow down a TV show or movie to your current mood can be impossible. To combat this try using There you can search more intricately by genres, categories, ratings and more!

7. Enhance to enchant.

Netflix usually has a pretty good idea of what your likes and dislikes are. Sometimes though, it just does not hit the nail on the head. If you want to see a more defined rating before you commit to a movie or just want to check out the trailer first try the Netflix Enhancer Extension for chrome. It will show you the IMDB rating, rotten tomatoes scores and the trailer!

8. Sort it out.

If your "My list" section has become ridiculously full over time this one is for you. By using the free scriptNetflix Queue Sorter you can sort your list by genre, star rating, and well pretty much any option. Check it out! "Note: You must turn on Manual Ordering in Netflix settings for the script to run."

9. Read 'em and weep.

Using subtitles but can't read the words without squinting? You can increase the size of subtitles to make the text larger and more visible, or even change to color! Just head to Your Account and navigate to Subtitle Appearance.

10. I miss you.

You can watch movies with your friends and long-distance lovers! will connect you and up-to 10 friends or family members and allow you to watch videos together. Awe.

11. Data drainage.

When on your phone or tablet you can adjust the playback settings to a lower streaming quality. This will require you to use less data, or just watch more.

12. IMDB it.

I swear by IMDB, the voters of IMDB get me, most of the time. So when I decide to watch a new movie, I always check to see what my fellow IMDBers thought first. So which Netflix movies are found on the IMDB top 250 list? A handy IMDBer sorted it all out, IMDB/Slizmo.

13. Profiles.

It may seem tedious but you need to manage your profile! By creating various profiles and rating your favorites Netflix will be able to better cater to you.

14. The buffer is back.

So you've moved from your computer to the TV and once again our friend the buffer is back. Try using this code on your TV remote, up, up, down, left, right, up, up, up, up. It should bring you to a general information page where you deactivate and relaunch, should solve buffering issues!

15. Travel hero.

If you're out and about in the world and find your Netflix is being blocked try using Hola to unblock the media in your location.

16. Space bar jams.

Your keyboard is full of shortcuts. Use the space bar to play and pause, or the enter key! And more: F- full screen, M- mute, Up arrow and Down arrow- volume up and down.

17. Can you or can't you? will tell you what movies you can watch online for free, and where to watch them. Score!

18. If you delete it, it never happened.

A little embarrassed about what you've been watching on Netflix? Don't worry reality TV gets the best of us. You can go into your viewing activity and click the little red X's to erase any and all proof!

19. Stop the madness.

If you think someone else is piggybacking your Netlflix experience do this. Go to Your Account > Viewing Activity > See recent account access. If you haven't been on one of the locations, something is up. Change your password and be on.