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Wild Things You Can Legally Do In America

MARCH 25, 2015  —  By Spencer Montgomery

1. Transgender rights.

And in 34 states you can fire someone for being transgender.

2. Taser time.

You can legally own a taser in 43 states.

3. What a tank.

Guess what? No matter what state you're in, you can own a tank.

4. Order up with a pickup truck.

Very few states disallow eating roadkill as a meal, or serving it. Find out if you can pickup dinner on the side of the road in your state.

5. Bestiality.

15 states bestiality is legal, 15, what is this world.

6. Piranha pals.

And if you live in one of the right 28 states and have about 80 bucks you can own a piranha.

7. Drinking babies.

In Massachusetts it is legal to give your children alcohol if you are in your home.

8. Flamethrowing masters.

Federal law dictates it is legal to purchase a flame thrower, and 40 states have no laws against owning one.

9. Brown bear buddy.

9 states allow you to keep a brown bear as a pet, if you dare.

10. P-p-p-oker face.

Counting cards is not illegal folks, but the casino can ban you for life.

11. Hallucination nation.

Salvia is legal in all 50 U.S. states. When it is smoked it can cause hallucinations that are similar to those on LSD and DMT

12. Gay rights.

29 states allow you to fire someone solely on the fact that they are gay.

13. Free the feet.

All 50 states allow you to drive barefoot.

14. Target practice.

Florida allows you to legally shoot small arms in your backyard.

15. Mind your manners.

19 states allow corporal punishment in schools.

16. Cannibalism.

The U.S. is lacking in their cannibalism laws, there are no laws against consuming human flesh. However you can still be charged with murder, necrophilia and desecration of corpses.

17. Tricky dick.

Georgia has no law against sending a photo of your penis to someone.

18. Fire away.

South Carolinian's, if you get permission from the aeronautics division of the Department of Commerce you can go ahead and fire missiles.

19. Texting and driving.

In West Virginia it is completely legal to text and drive if you possess a full license.

20. Mississippi blues.

Mississippi allows people to consume alcohol while operating a vehicle, but you must stay under the 0.08% blood alcohol content limit to avoid a DUI.