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These 19 Homes Are Made Out Of Unique Materials.

APRIL 13, 2015  —  By Spencer Montgomery

1. Cob

According to This Cob House, a "cob" is an "earthen building material that is made of clay, sand, straw and water. It has been used for thousands of years to construct home and buildings with." Cob is inexpensive and eco-friendly.

2. Waxy corrugated fiberboard

A house made out of fiberboard seems like a bad joke, but its not. The corrugated fiberboards suggested are otherwise hard to recycle, but provide a solid foundation for the home of your dreams. See for yourself by following the link under the photo.

3. Wood pallets

Did you ever think you could build your own home without the use of any power tools at all--and for only around $500? Wood pallets actually make it possible. Check out Homestead and Survival to learn more.

4. Sand

This house, which can be found in the southern Gaza Strip town of Khan Younis, is made of sand stacks.

5. Ships

There's probably no better way to up-cycle a ship than to live in it.

6. Glass bottles

This particular glass bottle home was inspired by a postcard of a glass castle on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. It is constructed from 25,000 bottles cemented together and can found be in Prince Edward Island, Canada.

7. Dirt: home-building the Earthship way

You can create (or buy) an entire home out of nothing but old junk--like aluminum cans and tires--and dirt. Earthships are a sustainable, affordable way to build. Plus, the finished product looks amazing. Take a look for yourself:

8. And if a home isn't enough, here's an island made from inserting plastic bottles into bags.

And if a home isn't enough, here's an island made from inserting plastic bottles into bags.

9. Windows

Check out this creative home that has a front built entirely of used windows. It was built by Nick Olson and Lilah Horwitz.

10. Egg cartons

While it looks like something the Big Bad Wolf could easily blow down, this reused egg carton house is indeed stable. It's reinforced by a wooden frame that provides foundation to the colored cartoons. This model is designed after Howard Arkley's painting, Family Home: Suburban Exterior 1993.

11. Aluminum cans

Aluminum cans can be used to make quite the livable space. Look how cool the one below called the "Beer Can House" is; it's made out of approximately 50, 000 cans. The designer and builder John Milkovisch says he loves to see people's reactions: "It tickles me to watch people screech to a halt. They get embarrassed. Sometimes they drive around the block a couple of times. Later they come back with a car-load of friends..."

12. Bamboo

This unusual "egg" home was built by a Chinese worker who couldn't afford the high costs of living in Beijing. It is made from bamboo, grass seeds and wood crumbs.

13. Aeronautical parts

Designed by Urban Office Architecture, this villa-style home was built for a retired aviator. It is located in New York state.

14. Recyclables

Mixing materials has its advantages. Just look at what's possible when there are no restrictions; this home was made from corks, bottles, mirror shards, wood panels and more.

15. Silos

Silos can be up-cycled into amazing living spaces. They are spacious and stylish.

16. Shipping containers

This funky home was built from two shipping containers that were put together.

17. Scraps

Never underestimate the potential value of junk-yard scraps. This castle was built for only $500! It's called the "Junk Castle" and is located on a defunct rock quarry in Washington state.

18. Plastic bottles

This home called "La Casa De Botellas" is constructed entirely of used PET plastic. It was built by the Santa Cruz family in Puerto Iguaza. They added a self-invented casting technology to keep the bottles fused together without obstructing the visual symmetry.

19. Upside down boats

Don't believe upside down boats make great shelter? Check out this shelter in Lindisfarne, England that was constructed from a washed-up boat.